from the desk of Shawn Hughbanks

             The year was 1991 and Kathleen, my wife, and I had been living in an apartment that had steel kitchen cabinets so that we could save up our $$ for a house with our 2 small children. Thomas and I had known each other in college and had shared 8 for a $1 Mac & Cheese so I knew that Thomas understood all to well budget constraints. I told Thomas what our ceiling was and he started the search for the perfect house for our burgeoning family. Week after week went by and we went to house after house with no expression at all from my wife on if she had seen anything she liked. Then on a rainy Wednesday afternoon Thomas called us to tell us about a house that wasn't even listed yet but would come on the market the following day and that we should see it. When we came up the walkway and were surrounded by Azaleas a look came over my wife that I had only seen 2 times before and that was when our children were born. I knew right then that we had found our home and Thomas had not even turned the key to the front door. As we made our way through the cottage that is still our home today, I saw my life as it was to come to pass, flash before my eyes. Our daughters have since moved away and have become the amazing women that I had been shown, my wife and I have fallen even more deeply in love than we were on that day, and while our neighbors have come on gone, we still live in the perfect home that Thomas so patiently found for us. I will forever consider Thomas not only my realtor but the person who has enriched my entire family's life by listening and discovering exactly what we needed to flourish in our ever changing world.